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Take It Personally

Oct 20, 2022

Solveig Petch (AKA, Petchy) is a brand strategist and identity designer. She helps clients uncover their unique brand core and then translates that into compelling brand strategy and visuals to help them reach more ideal clients.

Petchy knows the ins and outs of building a brand, specifically having a purpose driven brand. Here are the main things discussed in this episode with her:

  • Petchy’s start in brand strategy and finding your right path
  • What conversations Petchy sees around branding (she’s based in Norway!)
  • Being in the driver’s seat of your brand
  • What having a personal brand means to Petchy
  • Embracing the true you and making yourself stand out
  • Purpose driven brand versus a profit driven brand
  • The ripple effect of making a difference
  • How Petchy helps her clients with confidence
  • The risk of not stepping into your purpose driven brand
  • Brand values versus bland values
  • Balancing personal and private life on social media
  • The next step for you to take

If you are ready to get started with creating value within your brand, you can visit Petchy’s website here to join a free five-day email course. You can also connect with her on social media

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Full show notes here

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