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Take It Personally

Jun 9, 2022

I’m so excited today to be joined by Samantha Ste Marie. Samantha is a productivity strategist and specifically works with service providers to help them find clients with ease and create their perfect work schedule. We all know that the perfect work schedule for someone else may not be the perfect work schedule for us. And in this culture of online business and so much hustle and grind, I think a lot of us are coming up for air, realizing that we don’t actually have as high of capacity as we thought we did. 

And instead of trying to push past that, Samantha really challenges it by helping business owners realize that it’s possible to create a schedule that serves your life well, your business well, and also serves your clients well too. You can be getting paid what you want to be paid AND be loving your job and the flexibility that you have.

The conversation that I had with Sam for this episode could have gone on even longer as we are both so fired up about this topic. Sam is very passionate about productivity and helping service providers run their businesses well. Here are some of the things we talked about in this episode:

  • Who Samantha is
  • Who Samantha works with and why they come to work with her
  • Shiny object syndrome and passive income
  • How Samantha became passionate in this area
  • Shifts in business and motherhood
  • Creating your ideal business/schedule (even if you don’t have kids or passive income)
  • Accepting your goals as your own
  • Evaluating your role and how much flexibility it offers you
  • Charging a monthly retainer (phasing out hourly rates)
  • Being “on” all the time
  • Boundaries within business
  • Working with clients that respect your schedule and space
  • Getting a handle on your time (first figure out where your time is going)
  • The post-in note strategy
  • Cut out the waste and start following the money

If you want to connect with Samantha you can find her on social media at @samanthastmarie or grab her resource of 22 Time Saving Strategies for your Business in 2022.

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Full show notes here

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