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Take It Personally

Jun 29, 2021

I have always enjoyed blogging which I think makes me a little bit unusual because whenever I talk to my creative friends about blogging I am typically met with groans. It isn’t something that people necessarily like doing. I think some of that is because we are told that as creatives who have a website, we should be blogging. But it takes a while to see results from that blogging! And I think that’s because a lot of us are not doing it correctly.

I noticed the biggest change in my business, website traffic, the type of client I was attracting when I doubled down on evergreen content, as opposed to posts that were more timely. Evergreen content can help set you up to look like the expert that you are! And Google tends to favor it as well. It keeps people coming back to your website because the content is always relevant.

This is why I recorded an episode all about evergreen content – because it can majorly help you in your business and even save you some time! Here’s a look at what I talk about:

  • What evergreen content is
  • Looking through past posts to find evergreen content topics
  • Ways to share evergreen content with your audience
  • How to spin content to do something completely new with it
  • Evergreen content ideas

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