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Take It Personally

Mar 3, 2020

Oh, Instagram. We love to hate it, right? I actually love Instagram, but I hear frequently from other people who can’t stand the app anymore because it’s become so different from when we first started using it. I also tend to hear many people blaming the algorithm (i.e.: the algorithm is the reason that their engagement is down or no one is seeing their post). And today I’m here for a major dose of reality and to tell’s not the algorithm’s fault

The Instagram algorithm was specifically created so that people would see engaging content that they want to connect with. And quite frankly, if you are not creating engaging content that people want to connect with, the algorithm is going to hurt you. And in my opinion, it should. If you’re not creating good content that people actually want to see, why should Instagram show your content to people?

I know this can be hard to hear as we all try to put out good content, but if you are struggling with engagement on Instagram, that may just be the case. That is why in today’s episode of Take it Personally I am talking about 3 things you can do right now to boost your Instagram engagement and ultimately create it to be a place you want to be and where your audience has fun.

Here’s a little recap of the episode:

  • Ask your audience an engaging question. Yes, this sounds so obvious, but we often forget to include a reason to make your audience stick around and engage back.
  • Help your audience realize your space is a fun place and worth engaging with. 
  • It’s as simple as this: engage back. Respond to DMs. Comment back to people’s comments. Engage with people you follow.
  • If you want more followers, you need to be a good host to the followers you currently have. Treat your current audience like kings and queens. 
  • Focus more on saves and shares in 2020. Encourage your audience to do those things (versus simply liking your post).