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Take It Personally

Mar 7, 2024

Kate has been on the podcast before talking about Rebrand, and I love what Kate is doing with her business. Her photography business sort of started “accidentally” and after working together in Rebrand, she was able to drop down to part-time in her 9-5 to be able to spend more time on her photography business.

Alongside taking brand photos, Kate also helps clients with copywriting! She took her PR skills to be able to grow another arm in her business where she offers blogging services to creatives.

Visuals are a huge part of personal branding, but messaging is so important too. Kate is sharing tips for how blogging can be a huge part of growing your business, connect with clients, and help you stand out. Here are the main things talked about in this episode:

  • Why blogging isn’t dead
  • SEO and Google searches
  • Providing value to clients
  • Repurposing content
  • How to utilize frequently asked questions to direct people to your blog
  • Being seen as a thought leader
  • Consistency tips for blogging
  • Kate’s 5 favorite blog topics for photographer
  • Connecting with clients
  • Use blogs to cover client questions

Connect with Kate:

Instagram | Website

Connect with Maddie:


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