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Take It Personally

Dec 21, 2023

KP and Jessie (both she/her) are the design duo behind Inkpot Creative®️, a queer-led design studio building unconventional, impactful brand and website experiences for photographers who are leading their industry by creating something different. In addition to building brands and websites, the studio also focuses on creating ways for photographers to get leads in more sustainable ways through SEO and blogging. When they're not working in their studio, they can usually be found hiking in a national park or working on their travel blog, Volumes & Voyages.

  • How KP & Jessie got started in business and website design
  • Who KP & Jessica typically work with
  • What is SEO and what do photographers need to know about it
  • What keywords to focus on using on your website
  • Where and how to infuse keywords on to your website
  • Alt text tips
  • Doing keyword research for blog posts
  • Making blog posts more quality and informative
  • What type of posts rank well

Check out resources from Inkpot Creative here: blog post idea freebie, membership club, and template shop.

The Ultimate Personal Brand Session Shot List: 10 must-have images, plus a bonus concept, to create a diverse gallery that will get clients singing your praises! Download here.

Full show notes here

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