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Take It Personally

Dec 7, 2023

I’m so excited to share an annual recap in this episode! I'm sharing the wins, the struggles, and the changes that 2023 brought for me and my businesses. I also am touching on what’s coming for 2024. Here are the main things discussed in episode 108:

  • Record setting mini session day
  • Events, big projects, and work trips
  • Focusing on my own personal style for my personal brand
  • Managing my screen limits
  • Taylor Swift live!!
  • Hiring in my business
  • Our new White Space studio
  • Rebrand launch
  • Hitting my revenue goal
  • Tough client situations
  • Managing finances better
  • Intentional podcast topics
  • Different summer schedule
  • More automation
  • 2024 goals

2023 was great, and I’m excited for 2024. Take a little recap of your wins and goals, and come and share them with me on Instagram @maddiepeschong!

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Full show notes here

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