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Take It Personally

Oct 26, 2023

I recently launched my group program, Rebrand, for the third time, and I have been going over the launch - what went well, what I want to do differently next time, etc.

This podcast episode will be recapping my Rebrand launch! I’m sharing what goes on behind the scenes, what I focused on during the launch, numbers, mindset, and more. Here are the main things I discussed in this episode:

  • My free mini course that kicked off the launch
  • My goal for the number of people in the jumpstart free mini course and goal for enrollment in Rebrand
  • Why I sent 68 emails over the course of 30 days
  • Repurposing content from past launches
  • Why a strong mindset is SO important and how I prioritized my mindset during this launch
  • Why you need to be talking about your offer so much more than you are
  • Being clear on your messaging and using client feedback to help
  • Wins I experienced throughout the launch
  • Protecting my calendar more during launches
  • Pre-launch strategies
  • Instagram and email list growth through launching

The Ultimate Personal Brand Session Shot List: 10 must-have images, plus a bonus concept, that will get clients singing your praises! Download here.

Full show notes here

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