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Take It Personally

Feb 15, 2024

In the last episode of Take It Personally, we talked about attracting your dream clients and treating social media like a giant networking event. A second part to this is related to a question I get asked frequently in various ways: “What should I be posting?”

If you’ve wondered what you should post if you want to book more clients, grow your business, stand out as a brand photographer, etc., this episode will be covering it all. Here are the main topics discussed:

  • Getting back into a place of service and figuring out how you can help
  • Using frequently asked questions for content
  • Addressing questions that haven’t been asked yet
  • Getting into your client’s shoes
  • Showing what photography provides (more than just photos)
  • Highlighting past clients
  • Incorporating content about yourself
  • The importance of messaging

We discuss this even more in my group coaching program, Rebrand! Enrollment opens February 16. Rebrand is both a curriculum and coaching. We are following these same steps talked about in this episode to help you build a successful brand photography business (that makes six figures and charges four figures for a brand session). Learn more here!

The Ultimate Personal Brand Session Shot List: 10 must-have images, plus a bonus concept, to create a diverse gallery that will get clients singing your praises! Download here.

Full show notes here