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Take It Personally

Oct 8, 2019

This year has been game-changing for my business in so many ways. Before I get into it, let me preface this episode by saying I’m about to get REAL when it comes to numbers, because I think it’s incredibly important to the story. So, if finance talk makes you uncomfortable, you may want to skip this episode. However, I would encourage you to dig into those feelings to understand WHY you maybe don’t love talking about money. I know it can feel icky on the surface, but the reality is there is power and freedom in understanding the numbers behind your business, and it can make all the difference in how you’re spending your time. Plus, money can be the source of some really big wins, and those should be celebrated! So, let’s talk all about why I joined a mastermind in 2019 and how it’s completely changed my business for the better.