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Take It Personally

Aug 10, 2023

I previously did an episode about my studio, White Space, and the response was overwhelming. You all had more questions about owning a studio, and this episode is going to answer all of them.

If you’ve ever been interested in what it looks like financially to open and run a studio, how long it took for us to make a profit, how we found the space, and what business model we like most so far, tune into this episode! 

Here are the main things discussed in this episode:

  • Initial investment into the studio
  • Initial changes we made to the studio
  • Was it difficult to find the space?
  • Expenses to keep the space running
  • How to make sure we are bringing in enough revenue
  • Having consistent long-term renters and members
  • How long it took to break even and profit
  • The passive income of the studio
  • Splitting my attention between different areas of my business
  • Do I ever get tired of the same space?
  • Specifics of how we manage bookings and our automations
  • Renting for non-photographers


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