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Take It Personally

Feb 18, 2020

I am so excited to have Paige, from The Legal Paige, on Take it Personally today! Paige is the founder of The Legal Paige, a virtual law firm working with online businesses and wedding industry professionals. She is a certified Juris Doctor barred in the state of Montana and holds a double B.A. in Economics and Political Science. After working as a federal law clerk, Paige traded in the traditional law life for a virtual one and opened the doors to The Legal Paige in 2018.

She helps her clients run legal and protected businesses and counsels them on issues related to contracts, intellectual property, privacy, and business law. She has worked with Jasmine Star, Hope Taylor, Brittani and Jon Hon with Hustle & Flow, Davey & Krista, Libby Rothschild with Dietitian Boss, and dozens more. Her mission is to create an online space where the law isn’t so scary and entrepreneurs can get legally legit in no time. Law aside, Paige is a small town Montana girl who loves travel, her dog, Sugar, and a good glass of red wine.

Today we are discussing the things you can do to make your business “legally legit.” Here’s a preview into what Paige and I talked about:

  • How Paige managed to start and grow a photography business while also going to law school, and eventually start her own virtual law firm 
  • How Paige found her niche in the gap between photography and law
  • Some of the biggest mistakes Paige sees people make in business that could have legal consequences 
  • The importance of copyrights and trademarks
  • Who should have contracts in place in their business
  • What should be included in a contract
  • Why you should outsource to an attorney (from day one, not just when things go wrong)