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Take It Personally

May 19, 2020

Today on Take It Personally is guest, Chelsey Schnell! Chelsey is from Sioux Falls, married, and has 3 kids she gets to love on and 2 in heaven that she lost to miscarriage. She is an Enneagram 4, works in marketing and is also a photographer, and now runs a nonprofit she started, called Evermore Blooms. Evermore Blooms delivers flowers to moms, who have suffered a miscarriage, on their hardest days (due date, anniversary of the loss, etc.). 

Chelsey has a unique story as it has taken a lot of different turns over the years as she has learned more about who she is and her passions. She has come on today to share more about her journey, why it’s okay if your interests and passions change, and how to help your audience connect with your new venture.


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