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Take It Personally

May 5, 2020

Today I get to welcome Jada Dobesh onto Take It Personally! Jada Dobesh is the owner of Selah Space, a holistic wellness cooperative. She is a Spiritual Director who uses the Enneagram as a map for her directees personal, spiritual, and mental-emotional growth. She lives in Sioux Falls with her husband Witt, and daughter, Audrey and spends a great deal of her time baking bread and working in her garden.

Over the past year, I have been exploring my spirituality more and have loved following Jada on social media. Jada is going to be sharing all about the enneagram specifically today, which is one of my favorite topics right now. 

Here are some of the things Jada and I discuss:

  • How Jada got to where she is today and her journey to becoming a spiritual director
  • Jada’s definition of the Enneagram
  • How to find out your Enneagram number (and why she doesn't recommend a test!)
  • An overview of each Enneagram number
  • Tips for where to start to find your type
  • Details about your soul child number and why it’s important to know that too
  • Benefits of understanding the Enneagram and advice for using it in your personal life and/or business
  • Enneagram book recommendations 
  • What’s getting Jada excited right now

A closer look at this episode: 

[8:01] You are identified as one number and spend your life moving from number to number, gaining wisdom from all of the different types.

[21:27] The point is not to become the best ego-type that you can be. You actually want to move all the way through all of the numbers, picking up the pieces that serve you well and that make you a better person.

[34:39] It’s important as a leader to acknowledge your strength, and then find people or workers who have some of the other strengths.

Thank you to Jada for joining me today and sharing about the Enneagram! The Enneagram is such a cool and unique thing to reflect on, not only in your personal life, but for your business too. If you want to connect with Jada you can find her on social media @selahspacesd.

Jada's enneagram book recommendations: The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective / Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram's Forgotten Passageway

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