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Take It Personally

Apr 7, 2020

I’m sitting down with another business owner for this episode, Jeremy Brech, to discuss what this unique, and possibly difficult, time can mean for your business or businesses in general. I know we are all hoping to make it through with our sanity, but ultimately with our business still intact. 

There are so many unknowns, and emotions are all over. And that’s okay. This situation is not normal or ideal, but I have found talking with other business owners or people who are experiencing the same thing to be helpful.

And that’s what this conversation is today. Jeremy Brech is with DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design. He is an incredible business owner in the Sioux Falls area. He is known nationwide for his DJ skills, along with lighting and design and other business aspects. Jeremy has been in business for 24 years, and he has so much value and insight to offer.

Here’s a look at some of the things I discuss with Jeremy:

  • Why he loves Sioux Falls and believes the strong economy has helped when hardships or recessions have hit.
  • How making good financial decisions early on in his marriage and for his business helped put him in a comfortable position to be “recession-ready” (and he highly recommends Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University).
  • Managing your money is important, but you also need to manage your time. This “extra” time is your opportunity to work on your business, which will help put you in a better position for the future. 
  • Prioritize family time too, and support locally if possible (i.e.: take out food, purchase gift cards, etc.).
  • Jeremy shares how he and his team are specifically helping their clients out and supporting others right now.
  • Info on the small business stimulus.
  • Thank your community and those still supporting you, and support them back. It’s not a marketing strategy, it’s caring for other people.

A few highlights from this episode:

[10:22]  Look to see how you can help other people – in your market, in your industry. Be the person to help somebody out if they are in need.

[17:15] It’s not so much about financial gratification, it’s more about the gratification of knowing that you can make an impact, especially in times like this. 

[27:21]  Reach out to those businesses who have been there for you. Reach out to those clients that have allowed your business to be a business or survive. Send them a thank you, and check in to see how they are doing. Every type of hope that we can get is exactly what we need. 

Thank you to Jeremy for joining me today! It was a great reminder to take time to prepare your business for the future and ultimately, to do more outside of it to support each other through this time. You can connect with Jeremy on his website here

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