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Take It Personally

Sep 22, 2023

I’m so excited to have my friend Kate Wark on the episode. Kate was a member of my group coaching program, Rebrand, and she had a such a transformation during our time together. I loved being able to coach Kate as she was ready to go and make big things happen in her business.

We are talking about her story and how her business changed during and after Rebrand. Here are the main things discussed in this episode:

  • Being able to work ‘regular’ business hours as a photographer
  • How Kate’s day job experience and skills are reflected in brand photography
  • Why Kate joined Rebrand
  • Kate’s desire to learn how to elevate her client’s experience
  • How Rebrand helped Kate become confident in her (increased) pricing
  • How Rebrand has helped Kate show up more confidently in her business (so she can help other business owners do the same!)
  • The value of having a coach to rely on
  • How investing in yourself and in your business calls you to show up differently

Rebrand enrollment is open! A 16-week group coaching experience for photographers who want to offer brand photography so they can scale their income, work better hours, and run a business that feels like them. Learn more at We start October 11th!

Full show notes here

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