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Take It Personally

Oct 1, 2019

Since I quit my day job, the biggest struggle that I have had with a business owner has been time management. Before I left my 8-5, I remember thinking how much time it would feel like I would have, now that I could solely focus on my business. Fast forward a year later, and we all know that is not the case. As a business owner, your mind is constantly going a mile a minute, and there are always a million things to do. And that’s before you start factoring in things like daily distractions, people wanting to grab coffee or lunch, social media time suck, and a million other things that can pop up on the daily. Today I’m sharing the three things I’ve been doing lately to protect my calendar, and therefore my sanity, as I navigate being my own boss and trying to make sure I don’t go crazy trying to do it all.