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Take It Personally

Feb 11, 2022

Today’s podcast guest has become a very dear friend of mine. Her name is Jenny Roth, and she is a copywriter from near Aberdeen, SD. I’ve talked before about some of the changes that have occurred in my business over the last year. A big part of that has been hiring a team and working with team members and contractors that do various things in my business, and Jenny was one of the first people that I started working with. Jenny does so much writing in my business. She has done sales pages, my new website that I launched last year, but we first got started working together when she started doing my email copy. Jenny has changed my business for the better!

When we get together once a month, I basically tell Jenny my life story, and she turns it into these beautiful emails. She understands me - any good copywriter is like that and has that magic of just being able to talk to someone and replicate their brand voice to talk in a way that sounds just like them. The biggest compliment that I get on my emails is that people are shocked when they find out that someone else writes them. And yet, when I read the drafts when Jenny sends them over, I always find myself saying that it sounds just like me. She takes what I say and puts it together in a way that flows well and is easy to understand.

In today’s episode, we are really focusing on email marketing, which makes sense as Jenny’s magic is definitely in connecting with people via email. Grab a notebook and pen because she has SO many good tips that she shares in today’s interview.

Here are some of the things Jenny and I discussed:

  • How Jenny and I got connected
  • How she gets most of her leads through pitching herself
  • Jenny’s story and how she got to where she is now
  • How Jenny niched down to email copy
  • Jenny’s process of taking on someone else’s voice when writing
  • Step one in writing: get your thoughts out there, even if it’s messy
  • How email is another avenue to reach people and can be a compliment to your social media
  • How to get people on your list and lead magnet ideas
  • Welcome/nurture sequences and order bumps
  • Email service providers
  • How often you should be emailing your list
  • Repurposing content for email
  • “I don’t know what to send my email list” and making an email plan
  • Getting help and hiring out for email (or other areas in your business)

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Full episode show notes here