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Take It Personally

Dec 16, 2021

I am so thrilled to have my friend, Sara Gillis, on the podcast! Sara has been a friend for a while, a brand photography client of mine, a current member of my group coaching program, and I have loved seeing her grow over the past year.

When we first started working together, Sara was a teacher with a side hustle which she wanted to take full-time. Within a couple of months, she made that dream a reality, and her business has continued to grow!

In this interview, Sara and I nerd out for a bit about the state of journalism and communication, and then we dive deeper into communication from a business perspective. It can be something that trips up a lot of entrepreneurs and can be difficult to navigate, so, Sara shared some amazing tips on the podcast about stepping into your own, natural brand voice and owning it to reach your ideal clients.

Here are some of the things we discussed in this episode:

  • About Sara
  • The difference between copy and content
  • What Sara says to people who say “I’m not a good writer” (but maybe can’t afford to hire a writer yet)
  • Throwing grammar rules out the window and really writing for yourself and your business
  • The Oxford Comma and other journalism insight
  • Finding your brand voice and owning it!
  • Sara’s 5 types of brand voices (use Sara’s quiz to help you figure out what type you are!)

If you want to take Sara’s quiz to find out your brand voice, click here!

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