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Take It Personally

Nov 4, 2021

This summer, I had an Instagram Reel go viral! And it was a really interesting thing to witness, and I wanted to reflect on it today.

Video does not come super natural to me (I mean, hello, I have a podcast. That should tell you all that you need to know about how I feel about video). So, the fact that I do Reels at all, let alone have had some go viral, is shocking because it’s just not my jam. But I will add, that after practicing for a while, they have become easier to do! 

The Reel that went viral was me lip syncing to the popular “I don’t know what you heard about me” audio clip. When I heard that clip, I knew I wanted to do something like I did for this Reel as I have had instances at preschool or the post office or wherever where people say that they follow me on social media. When that happens, it’s kind of embarrassing...because what I do on social media is kind of embarrassing (but I still do it anyways ;)). 

And honestly, it’s pretty funny that this is the Reel that went viral. I had put a good amount of production into my other Reels, but this is one that I did very quickly. I was getting ready to leave the house, didn’t have makeup on or my hair done, I had coffee in my hand as I was about to get in my car, and I’m pretty sure my neighbors were watching. And guess what? It took me 30 seconds. And this Reel that I spent 30 seconds on went viral!

This is what we are talking about today - my thoughts on this, why I think it went viral, things that I did to help me gain about 2k followers from it, and what I plan to do going forward for Reels:

  • Why Reels do well on Instagram
  • Creating relatable content
  • Questioning the “mom relatability” of this Reel
  • Creating content under the umbrella of your personal brand/niche-related content
  • How this Reel helped me in the ‘Know-like-trust funnel’
  • Having a “bingeable” account
  • Auditing your account
  • Responding to comments on posts/Reels
  • My plan going forward
  • What to do if Reels aren’t your jam

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