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Take It Personally

Nov 18, 2021

It’s no secret that I love Instagram. I’m a big fan of the platform. I love connecting with people there, I love creating the content, I love seeing what other people are doing and scrolling for way too long. It’s a great platform and when used properly, it can be a huge asset in your business.

But it’s also no secret that Instagram can be really draining. I think especially over the past couple of the years that constant connection, while helpful, can also be a bit of a detriment. Because Instagram is this wheel that keeps on spinning, we can start to feel like we can’t take a step off of the wheel. It’s exhausting, right?!

So, having other things in place in your business that are able to keep moving, even when you want to take a break, is really important - to keep generating sales, to get your content out to more people, to add people to your email list, etc.

And that is essentially how I met today’s guest, Addie Gray. Addie is a Pinterest expert and analytic strategist. I actually met her on Instagram about a year ago, and she has been working in my business for about 9 months managing my Pinterest!

Addie is a queen in the realm of Pinterest, and I have her to thank for my Pinterest page doing well. Today’s episode is a deep dive into that and why Pinterest could be a great thing for your business. Here’s some of the things we talked about in today’s episode: 

  • All about Addie and how she first got started with Pinterest
  • Optimizing your Pinterest account
  • Using secret Pinterest boards
  • Why Pinterest is a good platform for business owners to consider
  • How Pinterest differs from Instagram and can be working in the background for you
  • Creating and scheduling Pinterest content
  • SEO and optimizing your pins with keywords to show up in the search results
  • What type of content to put on Pinterest (simpler than you think!)
  • What making money on Pinterest looks like
  • Repurposing content
  • Figuring out your Pinterest strategy

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