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Take It Personally

Aug 25, 2022

Do you ever feel burnt out and overwhelmed, but then you look at your to-do list and calendar and it’s not even that much to handle?

If you don’t have a good grasp on your schedule and things are getting forgotten, or you feel like you can’t keep up or stay organized, this episode is for you! Once I got a better handle on my schedule, I found I was able to avoid that constant overwhelming feeling.

I’m walking through my weekly planning routine. Here are the main things discussed:

  • Using both a paper calendar and Google calendar
  • Why I start with scheduling in my free time FIRST (and what I mean by “free” time)
  • Creating my to-do list for the week (for both family and work) and trimming it down
  • Preparing food according to my schedule
  • Blocking out time on calendar for tasks
  • Having specific directions for each task and what needs to happen in that timeframe (‘work on podcast’ is not helpful enough!)
  • How I utilize my to-do list to make the most of my time when I finish tasks early
  • Including enough buffer time on your calendar

Full show notes here

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