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Take It Personally

Jun 30, 2022

I recently did a poll on Instagram, and 83% of the people that responded to this poll (out of approx. 150 people) said that they wanted to outsource tasks in their personal life. And the number one thing preventing them from doing that was because they felt guilty.

The problem wasn’t money or options, it was the shame and guilt and the stigma about bringing on help at home. So instead of doing that, they are left burning the candle at both ends. I think this is a big problem we need to talk about!

Here are the main things I covered in this episode:

  • What outsourcing looked like for me growing up
  • Introducing outsourcing into my own home (and to my partner!)
  • Feeling like you shouldn’t hire help or reasons people don’t
  • Men versus women bearing the load of household work
  • Does outsourcing make us lazy?
  • Supporting the community through outsourcing
  • Personal life outsourcing options (childcare, grocery delivery, etc.)
  • The mental load of motherhood and household work
  • Outsourcing doesn’t make you less than
  • Letting go of shame (and digging in to why you feel that shame)

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Full show notes here

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