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Take It Personally

Jun 23, 2022

Megan Raposa is an award-winning journalist with a passion for local news. She started her own hyperlocal news outlet, Sioux Falls Simplified, in early 2021 with the goal of making it easy to feel smart about the forces that shape her city. 

Megan has always been a writer, and she discovered the journalism path in college and fell in love with it. She started at the Argus Leader newspaper in Sioux Falls, SD and worked a variety of jobs during her time there. Eventually, she left to start her own business (during a pandemic, with a four month old), and it has been a journey to get to the point where she is at.

This conversation with Megan brought up so much insight into her life and her business (and business in general). Here are some of the main things we talked about:

  • What drew Megan to journalism
  • Being a journalist in South Dakota
  • All about Sioux Falls Simplified
  • The need that Megan saw to fill
  • Making news easy to digest and understand
  • Juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship
  • Managing deadlines while working for yourself
  • Bias in reporting and being transparent
  • Making and fixing mistakes in business
  • Megan’s favorite part about entrepreneurship


It was fun chatting with Megan to get a peek into her business and also to chat about entrepreneurship and business challenges. You can connect with Megan @sfsimplified on all social media platforms and at her website here.


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Full show notes here

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