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Take It Personally

Aug 17, 2021

I’ve been working with a company since 2018. When we started working together, I had just left my full time job, and this company was on the smaller side. Both of our businesses were newer. Fast forward to 2020, their business absolutely exploded, and we went from doing shoots every couple of months to at least once a month.

Now, really, this is a photographer’s dream. Consistent income, an ongoing relationship with a really fantastic client; on paper it was totally perfect. But in the same amount of time, my business had changed a lot too, which led me to walk away from this partnership.

I’m diving into all the details in this episode, and here are some of the things I talk about:

  • How getting back to the foundations of my business made me realize the work I was doing for this long-time client didn’t reflect where I wanted my business to go
  • How my website redesign made me evaluate my dream clients and business passions
  • How I thought adding in more team members to assist with these shoots would help me be able to keep this client (but it didn’t work)
  • How the problem wasn’t the client or the dream job; it just wasn’t my dream anymore
  • Pricing reflections, and when raising prices isn’t the answer
  • How to handle dealing with wondering what would people think with this decision
  • How the conversation with the client went
  • Reactions from people regarding the “break up”
  • Walking away from the consistent income and the transition forward

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