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Take It Personally

Aug 10, 2021

Trish Taylor is a stylist + brand embodiment coach devoted to helping entrepreneurs show up authentically and attract their soulmate clients online and feel worthy of being seen as an authority in their space without fear of judgment. She has a background in personal styling celebrities like Ariana Grande, but after building an incredible career she realized it wasn't what she wanted. Trish started over, and her business as we know it today was born.

Here are some of the things I talk about with Trish:

  • How Trish first got into styling and what she did when she reached the “top” of her celebrity styling career
  • How she has combined her passions of styling and psychology into her current career as a brand stylist and confidence coach
  • Why it’s helpful to align your mind, body, and brand before doing a brand photoshoot
  • How Trish works with clients specifically (ps. It’s not about what level of business they are at or how successful they are)
  • Learning to recognize your limiting beliefs and how Trish works through her own
  • What a batch wardrobe is
  • How to freely shine in a brand photoshoot