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Take It Personally

Mar 9, 2023

I met Kelli White at the Reset Conference, and we connected over personal branding and brand work right away. Kelli specializes in brand videography and shares video education in a very approachable way.

Today we are talking about how you can start utilizing video within your brand to help it stand out. Here is what I discussed with Kelli:

  • An increase in video need
  • Can every brand benefit from video?
  • Short-form video and other ways to utilize video
  • Long-form content/video ideas
  • How you can use video in your client process
  • Where to start if you are intimated with using video
  • How video can be serving you as a business owner and also your clients
  • At what point should you hire someone to help you with video?
  • Where to use and share your video
  • Video gear and softwares to consider (even if you aren't a videographer!)

Connect with Kelli on Instagram @kelliwhitephotography or @shelearnsvideo to get more video education

Gear/software mentioned: upgrade your iPhone, Rode iPhone microphone, tripod or light stand, LED panels/ring lights, iMovie, Abode Rush, Loom, Canva

Free 5 day mini course all about making the move to brand photography here

Full show notes here

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