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Take It Personally

Feb 23, 2023

I love talking about mini sessions! We chatted in episode 50 about last year’s mini session day where I made 5K. It's fun to come back again each year and share about what went well, what didn’t, what I would change, etc.

For background, I offer mini sessions typically once a year where clients can choose between a brand mini session or a headshot mini session. I’m sharing today about how this year’s mini session day went, how I made 2K more than I did last year, and other mini session tips. Here are the main things discussed in this episode:

  • Mini session overview and pricing/upselling info
  • What I love about mini sessions
  • Things I did differently this year
  • How I utilized my waitlist and built it throughout the year
  • Why I’m considering making my mini session day a bi-annual event
  • Utilizing more than just Instagram to sell my mini sessions
  • Why the mini sessions were easy to sell
  • Inviting people to book and reaching out to potential clients
  • Pricing rundown
  • How I changed my marketing strategies this year
  • Promoting through the entire launch (up until the very last minute!)

Free 5 day mini course all about making the move to brand photography here!

Full show notes here

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