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Take It Personally

Dec 15, 2022

Emily Reuschel is an elementary school teacher turned entrepreneur and thought leader. She cultivates personal and professional growth for rural women. Her personalized habit challenge, #YouDoYou82, helps women build strong, attainable, and consistent habits to show up for the lives that they love.

Today we are talking all about habits, personal growth, motivation, and making changes to become the best version of your self. These are the main things I discussed with Emily:

  • How Emily’s past has brought her to where she is now
  • How Emily discovered it was rural women she needed to be talking to
  • A peek into Emily’s health journey and how it made her make a change in her life
  • Personal growth and building habits
  • Giving ourselves grace through change
  • Motivation doesn’t always come first
  • Emily’s morning habits
  • Speaking as if things already happened/are happening
  • Taking the one right step for YOU
  • Emily’s habit challenge - YouDoYou82

Emily mentioned her habit challenge in this episode! If you want to learn more about it or grab the workbook, you can find more information here. You can also connect with Emily on social @emilyreuschel or listen to her podcast called Gather in Growth.

Full show notes here

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