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Take It Personally

Oct 22, 2019

Nichole Joy is a digital doula. Never heard of that title before? That's probably because this girl pretty much invented it. After the birth of her second baby, Nichole discovered a passion within her for pregnancy and childbirth education, and began studying to become a doula. But with (eventually) three young children at home, being on call for the unpredictable nature of birth wasn't going to work. Instead, Nichole took to social media and began building an online community of women who were eager to learn more about pregnancy and childbirth. Now, she's creating courses for these women, AND the doulas who serve them.

Nichole is the perfect example of what it can look like if you keep your head down and simply listen to what your people are asking for. She's built her business on serving, and there are so many amazing gems in this interview that you can apply to your own business.