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Take It Personally

Oct 15, 2019

So much of building a personal brand involves showing up and being yourself. And you can't do that if you're drowning in back-end work! This is a huge struggle for people who want to bring more of themselves into their business, but are being stretched way too thin by the day to day. 

But there is an answer and the answer is OUTSOURCING! I started outsourcing in my photography business a couple years ago and I'll never go back. It's been an absolute game changer to shift my focus to what I actually NEED to be doing, and getting other things, like busy work, off my plate. 

As solopreneurs, we are building our business babies by our lonesome, and the thought of handing any piece of that over to someone else can send you into a full-blown panic attack. But the key to scaling is in making sure that you're not just working IN your business, but ON your business. If you're ready to grow, let's talk outsourcing.