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Take It Personally

Mar 24, 2022

Sabrina is a lifestyle photographer located in Texas. She’s been in business for 11 years, and for the past 6 years she has been diving into the education side of her business. This has involved mentoring, creating a course, speaking at conferences, starting a mastermind, and more, all of which focus on the business of photography.

Once you’ve been in business for a while, there is often this natural flow to the education side of things. You’ve gained experience, worked with many people, and had a lot of growth and success, so others want to learn how you did it and how you got to where you are. It’s a great space to go into, and Sabrina definitely found that to be true within her own business.

Sabrina loves helping photographers to build sustainable and successful businesses. She is on a personal mission to end burnout, one photographer at a time, because she believes it is totally possible to have a business you love without wanting to poke your eyes out. She’s sharing all about this in this week’s episode, along with other tips to help you create more white space in your business.

Here are the main things Sabrina and I discussed in the episode:

  • What got Sabrina interested in going into education
  • Connecting with educators and clients
  • Sabrina’s niche
  • How planning can really benefit creatives
  • Creating white space in your business and what that actually means
  • The first step to creating white space (yes, it might be uncomfortable!)
  • Benefits of white space and intentionality
  • Setting boundaries
  • How Sabrina’s schedule/white space often looks
  • How photographers can make this happen (even if you are in the first few years of your business)
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Pivoting in your business
  • Figuring out the schedule that works for you
  • White space/calendar tips from Sabrina

This was such a fun conversation to have with Sabrina! I knew she would have amazing tips to share about creating a business that is not only sustainable but also a business that you love. Creating white space within your calendar is so important and allows for you to say goodbye to burnout!

You can connect with Sabrina on social media @sabrinagebhardtphotography or on her website.

Full show notes here

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