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Take It Personally

Mar 10, 2022

BIG NEWS. By the time this episode is live, we will have hit 20,000 downloads for Take It Personally! This is a big deal, and I am so thrilled to see that number.

I wanted to take the time to dive into Take It Personally - where it’s been and where I’m hoping to take it in 2022. This will be a little peek behind the curtain into my business, specifically the podcast.

Thank you for being a part of this community and helping Take It Personally reach 20,000 downloads! I’m excited to share how I have gotten to this point, where I have grown, and my goals for this year ahead.

Here are some things discussed in this episode:

  • Hiring a podcast editor and how it has helped me be more consistent
  • How 2020/pandemic affected my podcasting schedule
  • Finding a rhythm for work/the podcast after 2020 and having a baby
  • How I use the podcast to share free content
  • Connecting with other business owners through the podcast
  • How the podcast has helped me improve my speaking skills (and will continue to help me)
  • Current podcast costs and monetization options
  • Podcast schedule for this year
  • Marketing and sharing about the podcast more on social
  • Batch working and working ahead
  • How to get in touch if you want to come on the podcast!

Thank you again for being here! I’m excited for this year ahead and the growth we hope to see.

If there are any topics or experts that you want to hear from on the podcast this year, please reach out!

Full show notes here

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