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Take It Personally

Nov 3, 2022

I found myself panicking as I was looking at my revenue for the year so far and saw I was behind where I was last year at this time. I also saw that I probably am not going to hit my revenue goal for this year.

But amongst that panic, I stopped myself to remember that what I am making is still a big accomplishment. I have also had many other successes this year that haven’t been related to money.

Money is a big part of business and the reality of not hitting certain revenue goals can be tough, but there also doesn’t have to be shame around that. We are diving into this conversation on this episode. Here are the main things discussed:

  • Seasonality in business and my slow summer
  • Working on myself and money beliefs
  • Creating my personal branding framework and a breakthrough
  • My word for the year
  • How pruning and refining in my business led to less money but more growth
  • Success in my year even if the money doesn’t reflect it
  • Setting goals for next year

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Full show notes here

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