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Take It Personally

Nov 17, 2022


I have had the privilege of having Paige, of The Legal Paige, on the podcast before (episode 18), and she is back again to share about clauses that your contracts may be missing. Paige is a wealth of knowledge in this area, and I’m so excited for this conversation.

Here are the main things we discussed in this episode:

  • How Paige helps bridge the gap between creatives/small businesses and legality
  • Where the law is at in regards to small businesses and online industries
  • As your business and client experiences change, your contracts may need to change too
  • Getting a communication clause into your contract (to address ghosting!)
  • Harassment clause (even for online/virtual harassment)
  • Paige’s take on bad reviews and addressing them
  • Non-disparagement clauses and where they belong
  • The Legal Paige’s shop and how it can help you get started with adding contracts into your business (or update current contracts) and get more legally legit - plus her Black Friday sale details!

Paige is such an expert in this area, and I guarantee she has resources on her website that could help you in your business today. She also shares a lot of free information and education on her website, social media, YouTube, TikTok, podcast, etc. - find her at The Legal Paige in all of those locations.

The Legal Paige contract shop: Get in on their Black Friday sale (40% discount already applied on the website), plus use code MADDIE10 for an extra $10 off to get contracts to get you legally legit. *This code for additional $10 off is only valid during the sale (November 21-28) and will be deactivated starting November 29.

Full show notes here

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