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Take It Personally

Oct 6, 2022

Creating, updating, or editing a website can be really overwhelming when you aren’t a website designer or SEO expert. But having a website that converts and is easy for customers to use is really important.

Samantha Mabe is discussing all things website related and simple quick fixes you (yes, you!) can do to make your site better today. Samantha Mabe is the creative director and designer of Lemon and the Sea. She helps service providers and coaches who are ready to launch their signature offer and need a website that matches the high-caliber work they're doing. With her signature framework, Samantha has designed and customized websites for all different types of entrepreneurs. When she is not digging into design and strategy, Samantha loves true crime podcasts, adventures with her toddler, and trying to keep up with her Netflix queue.

Here are the main items discussed in this episode with Samantha:

  • At what point in someone’s business it makes sense to create a website
  • Starting a website now rather than later
  • Why your website is so important for funnels and converting
  • Having an online presence to help clients get to know and trust you
  • Making it a positive (and easy) experience for people coming to our website
  • Website pages that Samantha likes to have on websites
  • 5 quick updates to make right now that will help your website convert more

If you want to connect with Samantha or learn about her services you can find her on here website here or on social media @lemonandthesea.

Full show notes here

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